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In June 2023, RES received planning consent to build the Holmston Energy Storage System, following South Ayrshire Council’s decision to unanimously approve the scheme, in line with the case officer’s recommendation.

The site, situated on land currently used as a commercial Christmas tree farm, north-east of Holmston roundabout, Ayr, will store electricity at times when generation exceeds demand, and release electricity back to the grid network when demand exceeds generation. It will facilitate the deployment of new wind, solar and other renewables, improving security of supply.

Rebecca Meek, RES’ Head of Energy Storage in the UK&I, said: “We are very pleased that South Ayrshire Council has consented this carefully designed project which has been sited directly adjacent to the existing infrastructure of the Ayr substation, where the project will connect. This decision allows Holmston Farm Energy Storage System to play its part in supporting the jobs and economic growth created by our energy transition, while ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the grid network.”

For more information on the project, please click here.